Virtual Assistant Guy

So, I’ve decided to extend what I offer, and with that have created another business (and a logo and a webpage).


Here’s the about me section I wrote on my new website:

Please note: I have no plans to stop!


About Me

I’m Joshua Townsend (the Virtual Assistant Guy)!

I’ve been freelancing for approximately 10+ years, beginning as a freelance visual artist. For those of you who don’t know, my original intent never had anything to do with working as a business assistant. I just wanted to be an artist… or so I thought! After all, I had already dedicated years of my life to developing my artistic abilities…

So as an artist looking to support himself, what was I to do? At the time, the idea of being a freelancer really appealed to me, and it’s not that I minded the idea of working in a company, it’s just that everything I came across didn’t seem to fit with me and my values. So what did I do? I created my own business and began searching for clients!

Well, as you might imagine, beyond being an artist, I needed to develop some business skills as well! I was working for myself now. There was nobody else looking for my clients or telling me what I had to do. So in effort to help myself, I went on a quest to figure out who my market audience was. Who was it that I wanted to work for? Who did I want my business to appeal to? When I looked around, the most exciting and interesting market for me at the time was… other small businesses! I loved the idea of helping those who wanted to build their life with their unique skills and abilities… just like I was trying to do. So I went out and started looking to connect!

Clients began to come in! New and exciting opportunities began to present themselves in a variety of different ways for me. I was doing it… I was actually creating artwork for small businesses like I wanted!

As this was happening however, to my surprise, business owners began asking me to help them in other ways, in ways that was outside of artistic skill set (data entry, campaign management and an assortment of other things). I was glad to help. I enjoyed helping them and to be honest, I liked the idea of having more continual work (cashflow) with them. It seemed apparent that it was more about finding ways to help their business than just trying to sell myself as an artist.

Well, I already had many skills as an artist and I began developing more skills as a business assistant. Over time my abilities and experience expanded until I seemed quite capable of being a proficient business assistant in a variety of ways. So this year as I write this (2017), it seems like a ‘no-brainer’ to reach out further (via the internet) and offer my services to others in North America and around the world. So here I am, excited at the idea of connecting with new and interesting people who I may be able to help as well! This is a venture I’m very passionate about. I truly have enjoyed helping others in their business and their entrepreneural ventures!

In my spare time I like hanging out with other people, enjoying the arts or playing video games. I really enjoy spending time with dogs… and occassionally cats!”